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Paul Evans

Safety Consulting

Chrisolas Management Servcies can assist with your day to day safety requirements. All small and medium size businesses are strapped for manpower and resources to comply with and maintain the safety record and documentation that is now required by law. The demands of Joint Health & Safety Committee inspections, meetings and reports are minor compare to the threat of a CVOR, WSIB audit or a an unexpected visit from an MOL inspector to your jobsite or workplace.

Traffic Control Consulting

Chrisolas Management Services can help ensure your site meets or exceeds Provincial or Local Temporary Traffic Control regulations.

Site Inspections:
Our Traffic Control Supervisors are available to monitor your site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our staff will check to make sure that all of your Temporary Traffic Control devices and markings are functioning as per your Traffic Control plan. They will also make recommendations should they feel that adjustments or additional equipment would serve to improve traffic flow or enhance site safety.

Site Diary Database:
Avoid future headaches by knowing what Traffic Control assets were in place at the start of your project. Our staff will carefully map and compile a database of all existing and contract Traffic Control devices and markings. The database will also include records of: · Lane closure and realignment diagrams · Accident / Incident Reports · Photo and video footage Site diary is available to you as a Microsoft database or Printed Report. For customers who require the diary to be shared with many users, an optional Web based solution is available. We can publish part or all of your diary to a secure website for 27/7 viewing by your staff or clients.