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Paul Evans

Traffic Control Plans

It is now a requirement for contractors to submit detailed Traffic Control Plans to Municipalities before being allowed to perform lane closures and other road pattern changes.

City and Municipal planners will quickly reject any plan that does not meet the minimum standards as defined by OTM Book 7 or their own Traffic Control Manual. For the inexperienced, preparing a plan for approval often becomes a major distraction from the contractors core proficiency

Chrisolas has developed in-house expertise for producing Traffic Control Plans that are accurate, easy to read and produce positive results. Our experts first visit the location where the work will take place, make measurements and take detailed notes about any unusual features or potential hazards.Final plans are created using CAD software and clearly indicate the precise spacing and location of all required traffic control devices.

Plans often include written instructions to help clarify layout and logistical procedures.

The end result will be a set of documents that will not only meet the approval of planners, but also provide the contractor with a clear and concise action plan.