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Paul Evans

Temporary Traffic Control measures should always be planned well in advance. That planning should include a written briefing for all personnel who will be working on or near the site. If all concerned are fully aware of what is expected of them, their safety - and that of the general public - will be greatly enhanced.

The Traffic Control Plan Design Course is intended to be an interactive seminar and may take from 6 to 8 hours depending on the number and experience of students. If a suitable outside location is available for field study and measurement, it may also be included in the course content.

Traffic Plans

  • Definitions, misunderstandings, expectations, responsibilities.
  • Elements of a Traffic Control Plan
  • Elements of a Traffic Protection Plan
  • Good documentation habits.

Plan Drawings

  • Basic requirements, job definitions, shortcuts,
  • Software, sample plans, presentation
  • Field measurement, adjustments, changes to the plan.
  • Safety issues, notes and documentation.

Each module takes approximately 1-2 hours with an allowance for questions and particular issues. Each student is expected to complete a sample Traffic Control Plan and will be graded on their level of participation. All materials are supplied. A certificate of attendance will be issued to each student.

The fee for this seminar is a flat rate of $ 1,500.00