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Paul Evans

Flagger (TCP) Training Course - 4 hours

At the end of the class you should be able to:

•  Use the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 and other standard references

•  Ensure temporary traffic control zones follow basic principles as outlined in Book 7

•  Determine if signs and devices on a project meet the standards of Book 7

•  Select the proper flagging station/location/position

•  Control (Stop, Slow, Release, Direct) using a paddle

•  Setup and control one-lane traffic on a two-way road

•  Use alternative methods to communicate with other TCP's

•  Setup and control traffic on haul road operations

•  Recognize unique or special flagging situations and what considerations are necessary

•  Setup and handle nighttime flagging operations

•  Communicate effectively with public, supervisor, and co-workers

COURSE FEES: $125.00 per person

Note: Flagger course content is now included in the Traffic Control Book 7Course